In the last couple of years, there have been some changes to the CCNA exam. Cisco now offers two possible exam options as opposed to one type of test that everyone takes. Students can choose to either take an exam that consists of a single test or one that consists of two separate portions. While the test has changed, the skills associated with a CCNA and the CNNA salary and career have not.

The single exam approach consists of an only one exam portion. It has 50-60 questions depending on the specific year’s test, and students have 90 minutes to finish. All CCNA topics are covered in these 50-60 questions.

The two exam approach has, as the name implies, two separate portions. The first portion has 50-60 questions, and the students are given 90 minutes to complete them. The second portion has 45-55 questions, and the students are given 75 minutes to complete them. While there are more questions, they cover the same topics in a slightly different format.

Both approaches allow students to earn their CCNA certificate, and there are no differences in CCNA salary once they are in the work force. However, there are specific advantages to each type of exam. Before choosing an exam, it is important to know the differences.

There are several advantages that are unique to the single exam. First, it is a quicker, more concise, and it covers all the necessary topics. Second, it is more time efficient than taking two separate exams. The single CCNA exam costs €270.00 while the two exam approach costs €135.00 for each section.

The single exam approach is aimed for certain types of student. Many students gravitate towards it simply for to save an additional expense. However, it is it aimed towards those who are extremely well prepared to take the CCNA exam. Those who have studied some of the topics before training or those who have experience with networking technologies, even if not in a formal environment, will likely have a firmer grasp on the concepts. They can demonstrate their knowledge in this concise exam that Cisco has created to allow them to earn their certificate and earn their CCNA salary.

The two exam approach has advantages of its own. First, it is broken up into two smaller sections that cover all the necessary CCNA topics. Second, it allows for more time to learn and understand each topic. The two sections of the test are not taken in unison. The first one is taken part way through the student’s training, and the second one is taken at the end.

Cisco has recently designed this exam in order to allow newcomers to enter the scene. This approach is ideal for those who want the CCNA salary, but do not have experience with Cisco technology. Other test takers are willing to pay the extra expense in order to decrease the stress of having the entire certification come down to a single hour and a half.

The CCNA exam, whether you choose the single or double exam approach, is necessary to pursue a career in networking technologies. It can help you earn a CCNA salary, and it is a precursor to higher level certifications offered by Cisco.