What is CCNA


Most IT Vendors have a self certified system which validates engineers to work on their macines such as Microsoft and Cisco.

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. CCNA is a beginning-level program that demonstrates to employers that the CCNA certified engineer is capabale of managing and configuring Cisco Equipment.

The certification is based on all IT Networking (Routing and Switching) and not isnt specific to Cisco. Over 60% of the curriculum is based on general networking principles. A CCNA certification will prove to employers that you are comfortable in setting up both Cisco and Non Cisco reltated Hardware.

Why I should get CCNA Certified

I was recently at a Career Zoo where were dozens of employers from Multinational Companies recruiting. Some of course were looking for Network Engineers and the first question they were asking candidates was “Do you have a CCNA? It is the first step you can take inbecoming a network engineer.

It doesnt stop there however, You can go on and take the CCNP certifcate which is a professional cert by Cisco however the CCNA is a pre-req for sitting the CCNP Exams.

What are my job prospects if I get my CCNA?

A CCNA cert is highly desirable among employers. It shows that the holder is trained and comfortable in networking technologies.

Are there many jobs for CCNA graduates?

If one goes to an Irish Job website and does a seach for CCNA they will find dozens of employers in Dublin alone looking for CCNA certified candidates. Infact there was a recent article in the Irish Independent (Feb 2014)which discuss the recruiting of engineers from abroad to deal with the current shortage of I.T workers. So get on board, take the CCNA course and Kickstart your I.T Career today.