CCNA Course Modules Outline

CCNACCNA Course Modules Outline


The curriculum for the 15 week CCNA training program from is given below. Our training program has got the optimum mix of theory and practice sessions to enable students to appear for the exam duly prepared and full of confidence.

CCNA Course Outline

  • Describe Functions of Network Devices.
  • Describe the Components Required for Network & Internet Communications.
  • Differentiate Between LAN/WAN Operation and Features.
  • Connect Switches to host and devices.
  • Explain Switching concepts and Technologies.
  • Router and Switch Configuration.
  • Configure, Verify and Troubleshoot Inter VLANs.
  • Describe Public & Private IP Addressing.
  • Explain the advantage and Operations of DHCP and DNS.
  • Configure, Verify & Trouble shoot DHCP & DNS Operation on a Router.
  • Describe lPv6 Addressing.
  • Identify & Correct Problems with IP Addressing & Host Configurations.
  • Configure IP Routing Using Different Routing Protocols.
  • Manage Cisco IOS Configuration files.
  • Describe the Functions of Common Security Appliances & Applications.
  • Configure & apply ACLs based on Network Filtering Requirements.
  • Configure & Troubleshoot NAT for given requirements.
  • Describe different methods to Connecting to WAN.
  • Configure & Verify s Basic WAN Serial Connection.
  • Troubleshoot WAN Implementation Issues.
  • Describe VPN Technology