The New CCNA program is having its biggest change since the Certs inception back in 1998. Cisco are removing the ICND1 and ICND2 track so there will be only one exam after February which is the Code 200-301. The new CCNA will cover a wide range of basic networking including the latest technologies.

The older CCNAs were split into different topics so one could do a CCNA in Cloud or a CCNA in Data Centre or even a CCNA in Security. But these are will be made redundant in February. If you want to specialise in a topic than you would have to choose that topic at the CCNP level. I assume this is because there wasnt a major demand in the 9 different CCNA courses.

What if Im currently studying for my CCNA?
If you are currently studying for the CCNA than you should really aim to take it before February 22nd 2020. If you pass the current CCNA 200-125 before the February deadline than you will automatically receive the new CCNA Certificate. The New CCNA exam is also bigger than the previous ones consisting of 120 questions. So my advice is to study for the 200-125 and try and pass it before the February deadline when the exam will probably be a lot more difficult to pass.