Previously I wrote about a fundamental change to the CCNA exam in that you can now do this exam 200-301 from your home.

However after researching it I found that there are some disadvantages to taking the exam from home.

For example you need a good broadband connection, decent desktop/laptop and webcam, You need this because there will be an exam proctor continuously monitoring you by video and audio during the exam.

You are also asked to show the proctor your work space prior, you cannot have any notepads or pens on the desks at all. You can perform a system test to ensure that your computer is compatible with the online exam software.

This all sounds great you may ask but here is the issue, you cannot bring or use any writing materials during the exam. If you choose to take the exam in a test Centre than you are given erasable whiteboards for rough work example subnetting calculations.

You dont have that option if you take the exam at home.
This for me is a considerable disadvantage as I need whiteboards to perform some tasks.